Symposia will be made in the original language without translation.

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Margaret-Ellen Pipe

The City University of New York (USA)


Michael Lamb

University of Cambridge (UK)


Recall and Reporting in Children with Developmental Disorders: Implications for Eyewitness Testimony and Forensic Interviewing.

Presenter: Charlie Lewis

Lancaster University (UK)

Narrative coherence in children with intellectual disabilities: associations with memory, suggestibility, and question types.

C.N. Lewis, M.E. Lamb & D.A. Brown


Presenter: Allison Mugno

Florida International University (USA)

Memory and suggestibility among children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

L.C. Malloy, A.P. Mugno, W.E. Pelham, L.W. Hawk, & M.E. Lamb


Presenter: Deirdre Brown

Victoria University of Wellington (New Zealand)

Comparing the narrative coherence of accounts of a personally experienced event in children with and without ADHD symptoms.

D.A. Brown & L. Palmer


Discussant: Maggie Bruck

Johns Hopkins University (USA)


Michael Lamb

University of Cambridge (UK)


Carlos Peixoto

National Institute of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences (Portugal)

NICHD Forensic Interview Protocol: An international Vision.

Presenter: Carlos Eduardo Peixoto

National Institute of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences (Portugal) Entrevistas de crianças no âmbito de declarações para memória futura - um estudo descritivo. [Recorded statements of children interviewed at court: A descriptive study.]


Presenter: David J. La Rooy

Abertay University & Scottish Institute for Policing Research (Scotland)

Repeated interviewing: Experimental, applied and field research.


Presenter: Ann-Christin Cederborg

Stockholm University (Sweden)

Investigative interviewing of alleged child abuse victims: an evaluation

of a new training programme for investigative interviewers.


Presenter: Julia Korkman

Helsinki University Central Hospital (Finland)

Investigative interviewing using a hypothesis-testing approach.

Julia Korkman, Taina Laajasalo & Tom Pakkanen


Ray Bull

Leicester University (UK)

Derby University (UK)

Ways of Enhancing Children's Testimony.

Presenter: Michelle Mattison

University of Chester (UK)

Drawing to support episodic remembering: increasing children’s access to justice.

Michelle Mattison, Coral Dando & Tom Ormerod


Presenter: Kamala London

University of Toledo (USA)  

Can dolls and body diagrams help children to report body touch?


Presenter: Kimberley Collins

Teesside University (UK)

Intermediary support in court: does the presence of an intermediary affect the perception of children’s communication during cross-examination?

Kimberly Collins & Natalie Harker


Presenter: Rui Paulo

University of Minho (Portugal)

Investigative interviewing of children and adolescents.

Rui M. Paulo, Pedro B. Albuquerque & Ray Bull


Teresa Magalhães

University of Porto (Portugal)

Evidence Collection and Physical Examination in Acute Sexual Assault Cases of Children and Adolescents.

Presenter: Cristina Ribeiro

National Institute of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences (Portugal) University of Porto (Portugal)

Logistical needs and forensic medical history.


Presenter: Fernanda Rodrigues

National Institute of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences (Portugal)

General procedures on evidence management.


Presenter: Patrícia Jardim

National Institute of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences (Portugal)

Steps of physical examination, photo-documentation and evidence collection.